Making the Most of a Teacher’s Summer

This week on wEDnesday, Making the Most of a Teacher’s Summer Did you leave your classroom this year, not cook for a week, and still have classroom supplies yet to unload from your car? Been there, sis. One year, a loving family made me beautifully decorated pens, with tops of silk flowers, set into ‘soil’… Continue reading Making the Most of a Teacher’s Summer


Successful Summer into Smart Startup of School

This week on wEDnesday: Successful Summer into Smart Startup of School Parents, Tag! You’re It! Love, Teachers! We have all seen that sign floating around on social media, and it’s hilarious! Until you go home and realize you have months with your children who have just had a busy school year, and want to know… Continue reading Successful Summer into Smart Startup of School


End of School Year Countdown

Welcome to wEDnesday! I help parents and teachers advocate for children, create quality home-school relationships, and empower confidence. This week, let’s chat about the end-of-school countdown. Many homes and classrooms have a countdown on the whiteboard or refrigerator. It’s fun, we all look forward to summer, right? Who doesn’t love traveling to the beach, sleeping… Continue reading End of School Year Countdown

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Good Valentines, Good Partners

This year marks the 19th Valentine’s Day for my husband and I, wow. Being together for nineteen years, married for almost thirteen, is a lot of changes, growth, peaks, and valleys. All these years, houses, jobs, and life moments later, we still love spending time together.  We support each other like best friends, defend each… Continue reading Good Valentines, Good Partners