Stay Hydrated, My Friends!

A well-hydrated Team Schreiner enjoys a Texas summer day

Don’t Worry, Stay Hydrated!

Summertime and the living is easy! Beaches, barbeques, lake days, hiking, camping, you name it, we’re all doing it this summer! Last summer, my summer came to a halt, please learn from my mistakes so you can keep the summer adventures going all season long!

We were spending the day at the beach on the Texas coast. We had a great lunch and then found ourselves on the sand for most of the afternoon. I was so excited to be at the beach, I was running on the sand, jumping in the waves, and just having the world’s best time. It was hot, nothing too bad, I wasn’t even sweating.

We got ready to leave, and I feel like a wave of heat and nausea hit me. I was delirious, could hardly form full sentences, and felt like I was burning up. My husband needed to assist me when I was walking back. Long story short, I was so sick with heat stroke that I could hardly travel home and it took almost a full week for me to feel normal. I should have gone to the hospital, and would have if we had known that I had full on heat stroke, not just a little dehydrated.
I didn’t drink enough water that morning, and was distracted at the beach so I didn’t really drink much then either. The fact that I wasn’t sweating in 110 degree heat was very dangerous. I was physically ill for days and was not able to jump back into life for over seven days. Even a year later, I find that I am more susceptible to heat and heat-related issues after that incident.

Let’s keep your summer fun in the sun going with proper hydration! Here are my top recommendations for staying hydrated and healthy this summer (y’all know I’m not a doctor, so just chill and enjoy the article, it’s not medical advice, just your pal Ellie helping you out!);

  1. How much water do you really need? More than you think! Think of your approximate body weight, now divide in half. That is the MINIMUM number of ounces you should be drinking each day. If I weigh 150 pounds, then I should drink at least 75 ounces in water every day. Now, if you’re outside playing with kiddos, or hiking, or working out, then increase that number. Personally, I now aim for at least my body weight in ounces every day.
  2. Start early in the morning so you get the benefits of hydration all day. Your body cannot absorb 97785 ounces all at once, so spread it out.
  3. Treat yo’self to a water bottle that you LOVE! I love the heck out of my Yeti 30 ounce Tumbler! Having a water bottle you like will help you two-fold; you will want to carry it around if it’s super adorbs, and also, it’s easier to count ounces if you’re drinking out of the same water bottle all day. Calculating the amount of ounces you need just got easier! Instead of 100 ounces, you now need just 4-5 of the Yeti Tumbler!
  4. Toss in some fruit to jazz up your water! I love lemon, strawberry + mint, and blueberry + orange!
  5. Last but not least, let’s talk potty trips. Yes. You’ll go #1 more often. It is what it is. Your body will adjust and that summer road trip will be easier. I promise! Just make a joke out of it and keep on trucking to the throne!

Have a great, well-hydrated day!

Xo, Ellie

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